Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang is known as the French Riviera of Vietnam; beautiful beaches and lots of tourism.  We were excited to visit it for the reasons above, as well as for the international cuisine.  We’ve been missing all the choices back home.  Our best meal in Vietnam we found here, and it wasn’t Vietnamese. It was french seafood.  Cockles, mussels, and scallops for appetizers; fillet of fish and seafood clay pot for entry; sticky rice with mango for dessert, as well as several beers. Total bill.. about $15.


The city is also very popular among backpackers for having a 1-day boat cruise.  Our cruise began with an easy ride out to one of the many islands where we snorkeled.  Next we boated around and had a seafood lunch.  After lunch our crew turned into a band and we had a dance party. Promptly followed by a “floating bar”, which was about 30 minutes floating in tubes drinking free mulberry wine. We then made our way back.  It was a great taste of the city…Total price per person for the cruise.. $8.


Not bad, eh?


~ by The Piersas on October 26, 2008.

One Response to “Nha Trang, Vietnam”

  1. Hi Vince and Renee,
    I just got caught up with all your fantastic blogging and videoing.
    Keep up the great adventures and sharing it with us left-beinds.
    The sand castle wss super and the barber looked like he just ate a whole chicken before he did the haircut.
    Love, Dad

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