Vince and His Haircut

We took a 17 hour overnight bus ride from Hanoi to Hoi An.  We had booked our bus tickets through the alleged “Sinh Café”.   When we got off the bus we found that our bags were soaking wet.  It had been raining all night and apparently the puddles on the poorly kept roads creeped into our bags below.  Talk about putting salt into a wound. 


Anyways, Hoi An was a charming town, though very empty of people since it’s now their off season.  Vince and I rented bicycles and took our own tour of the city and beach.  At the beach we built a sandcastle.. well, kind of like a sand castle.  Below is a photo of our creation.  It was actually a giant pyramid, surrounded by a moat, with a dragon at the entrance.  The dragon’s spine is also the staircase to the entrance.



Vince needed a haircut so we stopped at a local shop. Check out the barber below.  Vince got the full package: haircut; beard, neck, and forehead shaved with a loose blade; and ears cleaned out with dentist like equipment.  The barber did a great job.  Vince had been getting pretty scraggily from all our traveling.  After he was finished I thought he looked like tarzan cleaned up after coming out of the jungle.




It was a great place to relax for a while before traveling on.



~ by The Piersas on October 25, 2008.

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