Chongqing China – The Largest City in the World

Our last stop on our way out of China was to the great Chongqing.  Haven’t heard of it?  Neither had we, though it turns out that it’s the largest city in the entire world!  There are over 33 million people living in the city, compared to Tokyo at around 32million, and Seoul, Mexico City and New York City all right around 20 million. We asked someone who worked at our hostel where is her favorite area of the city.  She had no response.  The city is split into several quadrants, and most locals don’t leave their quadrant.  To us the city looked like it went on forever.  High rises as far as you could see. Some old homes were demolished; others were simply built over by the new ones. An ancient city area still remains and is thriving with Chinese tourists looking for treats and souvenirs.  There are no empty lots and no unused space. Clothes hang from the windows, children run in the streets, food vendors sell their foods, and people are relax in teahouses hidden throughout. The downtown is enormous, full of department stores (though even as sophisticated as this part of town is the bathrooms still are smelly holes in the floor).  It is unexpectedly well developed in most areas.  It was a great city to get lost in for a few days to experience a bit of the true modern day China.



~ by The Piersas on October 18, 2008.

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