Final Thoughts on Thailand

We’ve finally approached the end of our time in Thailand.  It’s been 5 truly unique and crazy months abroad.  We leave on Friday to begin backpacking around Asia. But before we go we would like to make a few observations of these people…


1)      Thai people have no problem picking their nose, ears, nor acne in public.  However, picking their teeth is illegal. 


2)      When given a comment from someone Thai, it is difficult to interpret if they’re trying to compliment, observe, or criticize you.  Examples include: “Your hair makes you look young”, “You look fat in that picture”, “Your head is small”, “Your haircut was expensive” (It was $3), “You were late this morning.”  (A friend told us the latter comment.  We think it was her way of letting us know that she was thinking about us while we were gone.)


3)      Thai people do not find it rude to talk about us openly since we don’t understand what they’re saying. We can, however, tell they’re talking about us because they repeatedly say ‘farang’ and look in our direction.


4)      Vince’s height scares all the children.  It’s hilarious to watch a little one wandering around a store and then spot him.  First, the child becomes distracted by Vince’s hairy legs.  Then the child begins to scan upward over the rest of his body, looking at him as if he were a giant.  The child quickly does a double take with fear in the eyes and then scurries back to the parents to hide. 


5)      There are three genders in Thailand: male, female, and katoy.  Katoys, aka Lady Boys, are what we would call ‘drag queens’.  Katoys begin ‘coming out’ in elementary school.  We have maybe 2-3 katoys per class out of 55 students.  They are colorful.  They are energetic.  They love to dance and be outgoing.  And they are loved by all of their peers; girls and boys alike. 


6)      Many Thai people make dinner for their pets. Apparently dogs prefer their rice with chili sauce or salt & pepper.  


This is the end of our Thai blogs.  The next blog will be coming to you from China. 


Renee and Vince signing off from the land of smiles.


Sawatdee, ka!


~ by The Piersas on September 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “Final Thoughts on Thailand”

  1. Great Final Thailand Blog!
    Veryyy Interrresting.
    Love, Dad

  2. I can’t believe it, I will miss hearing about all your crazy stories in Thailand. But…on now to China, where I am sure you will have more crazy things to share!

    Good luck — I can’t wait for the next post.

  3. Have fun around Asia! Don’t drink the milk!

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