Thai Student Artwork

Thai people have a completely different alphabet from ours.  So when they spell words in English that they are not familiar with they sound them out phonetically.  Below are a couple samples:


1)      This is a letter Vincent received from a student who had to miss class:



2)      This is an assignment of one of Vince’s students.  The assignment was to write Q&A about music/movies.  Can you guess what 2 famous American movie stars are mentioned in number 5?


Most of our students have electronic Thai-English dictionaries.  Check out number 7 on this Q&A animals’ assignment.  I wonder what they actually thought they were writing…



Finally, with countless spelling, grammar, and overall English errors, Thai students are some of the cutest and most creative people I’ve met.  Here are a few samples of artwork given by our students:






This comic uses Cockroach Man as the superhero, and.. Renay as the villain:



Gotta give them an ‘A’ for Effort.



~ by The Piersas on September 17, 2008.

One Response to “Thai Student Artwork”

  1. Fantastic blog posting. And Artsy too.
    Keep having Fun.
    Love, Dad –

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