It Had to Happen…

Well just about every farang out here who drives a motorbike as a regular means of transportation gets into at least one “oh-oh accident”. As for our accident it was not as serious or painful as it was humiliating and funny. Picture this……Renee and I riding to our favorite haircut lady, and as we are about to pull off the highway onto the gravel road in front of her shop she stands outside waving at us. Renee raises her hand high above her head and starts waving back. I, too, turn to look at our friend, and incidently take my eyes off the road.   The bike hits the gravel road and ‘drops like it’s hot’, leaving Renee and I skidding off the thing as if we were trying to slide into homeplate. You ask, were there people around to help us? Oh yes, there were many.  Maybe around 10 store owners who were all standing outside their stores waiting for the farangs to pull in.  They all broke out in laughter.  Several seconds later they finally started coming over to see if we were ok.. Our haircut lady arrived first and was practically in a run.  I was dazed for a second but quickly popped up to prove that since there was no harm, there was no foul.  I pulled up the bike and started waving to the crowd.  The dumb farangs were ok so “mai pen rai” (no worries). We ended up with a little road rash and had to pick a few pieces of gravel out but all in all not bad for an accident -if we had to get in one. Upon leaving our salon (which Renee got a great one- about 6 in. off) we asked the lady if she had ever seen anyone spill outside her shop due to the gravel entrance.   Her response, “Never”. Ahh, good times in Thailand!


~ by The Piersas on September 11, 2008.

One Response to “It Had to Happen…”

  1. Where is a pic of the new do’s??? Did the bike sustain any damage? Too bad you guys didn’t get that on video!j/k

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