Random Events #2: The Other Day…

      …  One of my Thai co-teachers asked me if the slang for diarrhea is “a run”.

… Vince and I went to a massage parlor. At the parlor you’re given Thai pants to wear, which are about 10 sizes too big and held on by only a string.  Vince put his pants on backwards.  The Thai masseuse came in and starting laughing at his ignorant mistake.  Then she pulled down his pants to help him turn them around.  He can do it himself, thank you.


… I actually said in all serious to one of my students, “Do you like American music?


… I was trying to talk Vince.  He was watching ‘America’s Next Top Model’ on one of our few English TV stations.  He cut me off and told me that ‘his show’ was on and he’s invested too much into it to miss this part. What?!

     … Vince had a few of his students come to talk to him.  Something was very unusual about their English.  As oppose to the typical strong Asian-Thai accents we’re used to hearing, these guys sounded as a bit European.  As it turns out, the students had studied in Norway.  Norwegian-Thai English, how unusual.


~ by The Piersas on September 1, 2008.

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