English Teaching Seminar

Last weekend Vince and I had the unique experience of teaching an English seminar to 63 3rd year English-majoring university students.  The great thing about the seminar was that Vince and I had a chance to lecture together.  We were given topics but had the freedom to fill in the details with whatever we liked. We lectured on numbers, pronunciation, weather, and cooking.  Of course, we also filled it with many games.  It was a total of 8 hours and a total success. 


We had our students present weather forecasts on natural disasters, but to make it more exciting we gave them random bonus words to try and fit into their dialogs. The bonus words included: “kitten”, “no way!”, “ping-pong”, “bonus!”, and “toilet paper”.  About 90% of our class was girls.  But for as shy as most Thai girls are they sure had no hesitation about acting like a natural disaster was dropping in on them in the bathroom, which left them yelling for more “toilet paper”.


We also had them put on cooking shows, but added twists like that the head chefs were having romantic relationship problems, or they were part of a boyband and had to break out into synchronized dancing, or that all members came down with a horrible cold.  Here’s a picture of the students who came down with the cold.  Apparently, they misunderstood and thought they were supposed to act like it was horribly cold outside. 


Why they even have scarfs and mittens out here I have no idea… 


The end of the weekend was similar to English camp.  There was an entourage of paparazzis bombarding us with photos.   One of the students told me that I look like Brittney Spears- apparently he has no idea what Brittney Spears looks like.  Not sure if he knows what she represents back home either.  In any case, I tried to take it as a compliment.


~ by The Piersas on August 18, 2008.

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