Thailand’s Largest Dam

Last weekend we spent with our new Thai friends, Noon and her fiancé Lek.  They took us out to Bhumibol Dam, the largest dam in Thailand rising to a height of 154 meters.   The dam harnesses the power of the Ping River to provide electricity for thousands of Thai people.


First thing, Wow! It is so much easier to get around when we’re with Thai people.  Suddenly all road signs, information signs and menus become legible, and Thai people become understandable and helpful.  I had forgotten how blind we really are out here.


Second thing, How relaxing.  We took a 2hour drive through the countryside to reach the neighboring province of Tak. Mountains and rice paddies surrounded us.  The dam was huge and created a gorgeous manmade lake filled with loads of fish.  The lake and river were dotted with houseboats that looked much more like shacks on water. 



We took a long boat out to a tiny island; see the temple up on top.  


Notice the light green areas in the mountains?  Hill tribes live atop these mountains and the lighter area is from their crops.


On the island was a little floating restaurant that served only fresh caught fish.  Noon and Lek ordered lunch for us: fried whole fish, fish patties, broiled fish, fish soup, white rice, and variety of dipping sauces.  Alloy mac!  And the silence of the lake was so calming on the ears.  Everyday out in Lampang, through all hours, we hear the sounds of motorbikes and dogs. 



We stopped at a temple on the way home and found this big guy.


Noon is an English major university student and is very good and English. Lek is not so good.  He was able to understand us if we spoke slowly but was able to speak very little.   Noon did most of the translating.  With a little translating and a lot of smiling & laughing we were all able to understand each other and enjoy a beautiful day out in the country.


~ by The Piersas on August 7, 2008.

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  1. Hi there! A quotation on your site about travel brought me here. I think your teaching in Thailand sounds like a great adventure. I am a middle school teacher and always thought it might be fun to teach English in another country. I will be back to read more from your blog! Good luck and thanks for sharing! 🙂


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