Random Events

v I can’t seem to correctly order my favorite Thai dish.  It’s called ‘Khao Soi’ and it’s a curry noodle soup.  The last three times I’ve tried they’ve given me white rice.


v I tutor 6 adorable junior high-school girls once a week.  The other day I told them that I really miss International House of Pancakes.  The next week they brought me a pancake on a stick with my name in it.  They spelled my name ‘Ranee’.




v Vince hits his head minimally once a week on doorways or shop awnings.  It’s particularly amusing when he does it first thing in the morning while heading into the bathroom. 


v It is customary to ‘wai’ all monks as a sign of respect in Thailand.  Remember, ‘wai-ing’ is when you put your hands together and bow your head.  


      Man seen pulling down his pants to go number 2 on the railway tracks.  At the same time a monk is passing by the man.  As the monk passed, the man wai’d the monk (pants down).


v A student comes up to Vince in the middle of class saying he has a problem.  He pulls his pant leg up exposing a vicious rash running up his inner-upper thigh.  Vince excuses the student to go to the nurse. Another student quickly squeezes into the rash-infested-student’s desk.  His desk was closer.


v Vince and I were at a night market the other day.  We saw one of our co-teachers that we’re not fond of standing maybe 20 feet away. Vince casually moved his hand to cover the side of his face.  I told him to put his hand down immediately.  He responded by saying that he thought his hands were so tan the teacher might not recognize that he was white.


v Our doorman is obsessed with Doraemon.  One night he excitedly stopped Vince and I and pulled out pages of Doraemon stickers.  He went on and on about the cartoon and where we can buy such economical stickers, where we can find stuffed doraemon animals, and who knows what else. It was all in Thai.  Twenty minutes later we ended up walking away with the stickers covering Vince’s helmet.  He said that Vince should bring his helmet up to the room with us every night, as oppose to leaving it on the bike like we had been doing.  He thinks people will try to steal Vince’s newly pimped out head protection.


~ by The Piersas on July 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Random Events”

  1. You sporting the IHOP t-shirt I gave you? 🙂 If you are back by Sept. 7 I can give you 2for1 coupons!!

  2. These are too good! Thanks for sharing.

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