Ultimate Blunder #2

Well, my first blunder at Bunyawat happened my first week when I fell down a flight of stairs. My second blunder happened last Friday.  I went to the bathroom, exited, cheerily waved hello to about a dozen of my students (they waved back), and continued on walking to my next class.  About 2 minutes later, a student (who wasn’t one of mine) came running towards me, “Teacher!! Teacher!!!” I turned around, “Your SKIRT!!” she said pointing anxiously. 

Yep, I did it.  I tucked my skirt into my underwear.  I’ve always been more of a pants-gal myself; probably because I was afraid of this exact thing happening.  I was too frantic to look down and assess the damage I had out on display.  Instead, I just flushed completely red, quickly pulled out my skirt, and turned around to see the many other students and a teacher walking behind me.  They were all either laughing, looking scared, or just looking sorry for me.  Hope they enjoyed the view.

How humiliating!!


~ by The Piersas on July 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “Ultimate Blunder #2”

  1. I’m crying I’m laughing so hard!!!!!

  2. Phenomenal. Good to know that that faux paus is still embarrassing no matter the culture.

    Thanks for being humble enough to share it!

  3. I thought that Vince was writing that update, thank goodness!

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