American Idol Hits Bunyawat

Today I experienced the craziest thing.  One of the Thai-English teachers was giving my students an English speaking/singing test. For this test the students had to sing an English song from beginning to end… in front of the entire 55-person class, with a microphone, and zero backup music.  When I say they had to sing it from beginning to end I mean they had to sing it from every  “hmmm” in the beginning through every last fading repeated lyric to the end.  Thai people love karaoke and music is a great way to remember sentences in another language.  What an excellent idea, still I can’t believe they were brave enough do it. 


One of the students sang My Heart Will Go On- Celine Dion’s hit from the Titanic. Simon Cowell would have had a hay day with her.  One of the female students sang In the End It Doesn’t Really Matter from Linkin Park; you know the one that has both singing and rapping in it. One of the students sang the Cranberry’s song Zombie (In Your Head).  Thais love that song. Half the class stood up in their seats and started dancing and singing along.  Many of the words were unrecognizable; much of the melody was a little “pitchy, dawg”.  Overall, though, it was absolutely amazing.  It’s time like these that truly make me realize how different we are.  This could never happen in America.


After class the teacher asked me to sing a song for them.. Cha right! They wouldn’t take no for an answer, but I did get them to give me until the end of the semester to prepare.
Any recommendations?



~ by The Piersas on June 27, 2008.

7 Responses to “American Idol Hits Bunyawat”

  1. I vote for “Love Shack”…:)

  2. I vote for “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. Just Kidding.

    My suggestion is for “I’m Too Sexy for My Body”.

  3. I talked to my dad today and he has been following your blog.
    He thinks that Renee should be a writer; he is so impressed
    with her style and is thoroughly enjoying the stories and

    Keep up the great commentary!

  4. Hey Vincent and Renee, fantastic to see you on such an adventure!
    The photos and the website are Excellent. I appreciate feeling close to what you are both experiencing.
    It’s great that Grandpa and Grandma Stallman can experience this with you too.
    Still don’t understand about the problems at the ‘ping pong tournament’. Maybe my brother Ken will explain it to me since he was there also.
    Love You,
    Dad -Gene

  5. I think that the song I will survive by:aretha frankilin i think would be kind of cool to sing. It is a easy song to learn. I love the blogs.Best of luck with the singing.
    Cindy Stensrud

  6. how bout “who let the dogs out”

  7. I second robb’s choice

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