Chiang Mai

  We’re fortunate enough to live only a short distance from the bustling city of Chiang Mai.  Buses and trains from Lampang make the trip north several times a day so we can simply jump on one and we’ll be there in 2hours.  Chiang Mai is a great weekend escape from the slow life of Lampang.  Typical to Thailand there are amazing Wats on every other corner. The city also offers international cuisine, English bookshops, huge markets, Muay Thai boxing, a very active nightlife, museums, and a zoo.  They also offer courses on Thai language, Thai cooking, Thai massage, Buddhist meditation, and yoga.  Additionally, Chiang Mai is a jumping off point for many different hilltribe trekking adventures.  There are over 200 companies that offer trekking trips.  With hundreds of trips trekking into the mountains daily many of the hilltribes are unfortunately becoming more like a zoo exhibit than an untouched way of life. 


Farangs naturally flock to Chiang Mai since the city offers so much, though we were taken back by just how many we found. I would say maybe as high as 40% of people on the streets were farang mainly consisting of backpackers and retirees. If you’ve ever had a desire to visit Chiang Mai but have been intimidated by the whole Asia thing- don’t worry about it here. You can definitely get around with English and will still get a great flavor of Thailand. 


~ by The Piersas on June 23, 2008.

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