Attack of the Bees by VP

It started off as a normal class with me standing in front, a Thai co-teacher observing in the back and a room stuffed full with 56 students. I am presenting and teaching the text book as normal when I hear, “B, b, b!”.  I think to myself, “Did I just pronounce something incorrect again and the students think it’s funny” as often happens when I am performing in front of the class. Then without any further warning the windows (solid wooden shutters) start slamming shut. I think, “Shit, now I am going to really be suffocating and sweating balls!”  Soon after the idea of suffocation and sweat pass I realize the students are pointing outside and that they were actually yelling, “Bee, bee, bee” (Note – Thai language does not utilize plurals in the nouns thus it is difficult for them to use the ‘s’ at the end of the word).  To my amazement there were hundreds if not thousands of bees swarming between two school buildings.  Every class’ windows were slamming shut as the teaching came to a screeching halt.  Within five minutes the bees had cleared and thankfully for my sake the windows were opened back up once again. I still do not know if this is a common occurrence but the next time I hear “B, b, b” I know to run to the windows and help close those shutters.


~ by The Piersas on June 5, 2008.

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