Our New Home


Here’s a pic of our house. Hehe. Just kidding. It’s another Wat. A what?? A Wat. 


This is the entrance sign to the city where we live. 

The city of Lampang centers around a clock tower; unfortunately, the tower is currently under construction- can’t seem to get away from it no matter where you are in the world. 

Five main roads span off the clock tower and many smaller roads filling in the blanks.  The roads are lined with little shops of various items. One shop has fabrics, one baskets, one ceramics, one electric chords and plugs, one helmets, one Buddhist trinkets, one motorbikes, one develops photos, one a pharmacy; you get the picture.  There’s one more store that ought to be mentioned.  A very large store, in fact, that I’m sad to admit we’ve already been to far too many times.  It’s named the Big C, and it’s similar to Wal-Mart.  Besides the 7-11’s it’s pretty much the only “western” store in town.   We’re trying to set up shop out here and frankly it’s much easier to find what we need at the Big C then navigate through a million other little spots (said as another mom and pop shop closes it’s doors for good). Also hidden throughout the city are countless little restaurants, 7-11’s, massage parlors, Wats (Temples) and fruit stands. 

The roads are crowded with cars, songthaows, motorbikes, and colorful horse-pulled carriages. Carriage rides, however, are outrageously overpriced and mostly ridden by tourists stopping through on their way up to the Elephant Training Camp or Chiang Mai. 


There is at least one night market daily, which Vince and I attend religiously.  Night markets remind me of all the festivals back home. Basically there’s a lot of knick-knack kiosks and plenty of food stands. Although here people are buying items they need to survive instead of just fun souvenirs. Our dinner at the market tonight included pork on a stick, sausage on a stick, a fatty-cartilage-y sausage encased in banana leaf (we actually had no idea what we would find in that banana leaf since we couldn’t understand what the lady was trying to tell us), taro and pineapple wontons, a corn cup (mixed with salt, sugar, and condensed milk), freshly squeezed green-orange juice, a donut-like dessert ball, and coconut ice cream with peanuts.  Ah, just another evening spent at the market. 


We live in the heart of town in a 4-story apartment building just down the road from our school.  We have 1 bedroom, 1 small three-season patio, and one bathroom.  The bathroom is connected to the bedroom via the patio –fabulous touch.  The size of our apartment, while small, is not shocking since we had been living in a shared studio back in Minneapolis.  We have air conditioning, cable TV (with ~4 English channels) and a fridge.  No kitchen.  Ants, beetles, cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes are the main bugs we’ve seen out here so far.  They’re obnoxious and intrusive but could be much worse.  Thankfully, they’re kept somewhat under control by the well-fed chameleons.  If you happen to drop a crumb of food, however, you’ll have an army of ants marching their way out to get it before it even hits the floor. 




~ by The Piersas on May 28, 2008.

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