Motorbike Riding

Wheww! The first word out of my mouth as I released the brake and hit the gas for the first time on a very stylish red Honda motorbike. Who would have ever thought it could be so empowering and thrilling at the same time riding a motorbike down the road? This rhetorical question of course is aimed at those of you without motorcycle history. One of the great people we met out here, who is also an English teacher at our high school in Lampang, Rachael, was gracious enough to let Renee and I have our first rides and drives on her motor bike. After a slight fuss Renee too took behind the wheel and before we knew it she was shouting out, “Just one more lap!” The Motorbike, Thailand’s only way to dodge in, out, and around traffic and catch a cool breeze along the way. We’re hooked.


Update: Renee and I rented our first motorbike, a 100cc Honda from a little massage parlor shop for a mere $70/month. You may ask, “Do you need insurance and a drivers license?” Well, in Thailand if one gets pulled over for any offense the first form of defense is to pull out your U.S. drivers license and speak English rapidly as the police force knows little to no English, the Confusion and Loss of Face Tactic. The second defense is to pull out up to 300 Baht (approx $10) and bribe the officer as this is the maximum amount of bribe an government official is allowed to accept, the Look the Other Way Tactic. Corruption, gotta love it!

We have gotten fairly attuned to the crazy (lack of) traffic laws around here as we take our daily rides around town. I drive and Renee rides sidesaddle. In our first week we’ve explored a great deal of the city but there is still so much to see. Lampang is a valley nestled between mountains. Over the next few months we plan on taking long rides into the mountains as we explore the temples, waterfalls, and elephant camps that this beautiful province has to offer.




~ by The Piersas on May 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Motorbike Riding”

  1. This blog is great…you don’t know how many times I have read each entry. Such a life saver during some of these boring days at work! can’t wait till you guys get back so I can hear some of the stories that didn’t make the cut

  2. Please exercise caution when gallavanting around on that motorbike. Otherwise, have a blast and know you will be
    grounded from motorbikes upon your return to the States.

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