On the Second Day of School.. (by rf)

On the second day of school I fell down about 15 stairs.  I haven’t fallen down a complete set of stairs my entire life.  I consider myself to be an all around rather well balanced person.  Unfortunately, I bought some cheap shoes at the Big C and the rubber heel came off within a couple wears. Without the rubber heel the soles of the shoes are extremely slick. First my heel slipped on one stair, then I tumbled forward and down about 14 more.  Thankfully, only one girl saw my spill. She had a look of absolute horror on her face, and I think she truly almost cried. I popped up, said “Mai Pen Rai” (no worries) and proceeded on bleeding and limping to my next class. After class I went to the nurse’s office.  She took one look at me and simply said, “Accident?”  Not sure if you can tell from this picture, but I basically sliced my foot all the way across and then bruised my entire lower leg.  Great first impression.



~ by The Piersas on May 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “On the Second Day of School.. (by rf)”

  1. Ugh! You would think all those years of “practicing” in those ridiculously high heels would prepare you for the occasional shoe malfunction. So sorry you hurt yourself, I am glad that this is the extent of your injuries.

  2. Didn’t I tell you to “be careful!”?

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