Bangkok Part II

We headed back to booming and exciting city of Bangkok before making our way up north. We were dropped off in the middle of the shopping district; Vince and I and our 2 backpacks, laptop, and huge suitcase.  Were we sitting ducks or what??  

Immediately we were approached by a very kind and well-spoken Thai woman who informed us that our hotel would be full and we could only book rooms for that particular hotel on the Internet, but that if we went to TAT travel agency they would be able to help us find an open room.  Scam artist.  We made it out of her web and tried to hail a cab. The first driver didn’t understand us and sped off. The second cab was a sweet old man who politely took us to our hotel, which happened to be right across the street.   Still, it took us about 25 minutes to make it there due to traffic and one-ways, and we didn’t stand a chance of making it with all our luggage.  In Bangkok to help alleviate the pedestrian traffic you cannot simply cross a street.  You ask how a Bangkokian crosses the road? One must find the main intersection, take 2 flights of stairs up, cross a skyway and then head back down to get to the other side. No joke. 


We made it to the hotel, went directly to a huge air-conditioned shopping mall (MBK which holds mostly small kiosks of local goods, including: authentic Thai clothing (loose linen), knock off clothing, school uniforms, cell phones, illegally burned CD’s and DVD’s, carved figurines).  Six hours later, we had bags of purchased goods and had eaten a whole pizza, chicken sticks, and garlic bread- a real American style evening and boy was it necessary!


The next day we went to visit several Wats (Buddhist temples).  A very king and well—spoken Thai man approached us and informed us that the Wat was closed for Thai lunch, but that he could get us in a tuk-tuk and bring us to several other wonderful Wats.  Scam artist.  We walked to the Wats and not-surprisingly all were open.  We visited both the Grand Palace and Wat Pho (with the reclining Buddha).  The Wats were amazing.  Pictures can’t nearly do them justice.  These things were huge. They were golden and mosaic. The insides were spectacularly decorated with jewels and Buddhas.  The insides were always very large and very grand.  The rooms were silent with the prayers of the practicing Buddhists, and the feeling inside was thick with serenity. 



Later that night we went to a huge night market and we did in fact make it to a Ping Pong show.  Suffice it to say that it was more than we expected.  After the first minute we had several ladies asking us to give them our beers and buy them shots.  After 3 minutes we were cornered by 2 very burly pimp women yelling, “YOU PAY NOW!” and giving us a bill for over 2,800 baht- originally we were told it would be 200 baht.  Voices escalated, hands were thrown, all set to the background of neon lights, neon drinks, dirty and perverse looking Farangs, and scantily clad older women lethargically parading up and down a tiny stage. We were able to escape with only paying for our beers and immediately being kicked out.  As for seeing the actual show we were barely able to get in 2 peeps, and from what we were able to see it certainly wasn’t worth the cost of the beers.  Scam artists.  After that chaotic night we were finally ready to get far, far away from the land of Bangkok.


~ by The Piersas on May 21, 2008.

5 Responses to “Bangkok Part II”

  1. VP and Rene,

    Everyday, shortly after getting my first cup of coffee, I look out my window while my computer powers-up. My view of the world is a few building, a sky blue water tower and the peaks of Minneapolis’s man-made mountains. While, the trees have bloomed and buildings have grown my perspective on the world is fixed by the limitations of a window.

    As my computer begins to glow I open my spreadsheets, for numbers must be added, formulas must be changed, and clarity must be found.

    As I get back from getting my second cup of coffee the market begins to open. Quickly I open my accounts to watch numbers change from red to green and back again. Glancing to my left the window beckons, eagerly I lookup to find a few building, a sky blue water tower and the peaks of man-made mountains. Drudgingly, I return to my spreadsheets as numbers must be changed.

    As I get back from getting my third cup of coffee an epiphany is found! Fervently, I reopen the internet to find a website. For there I can read a story of adventure filled with natural mountains and markets without ticker symbols. In that fleeting moment my tether is broken and my perspective can grow. For you have broken the window and explored the world.

    Magnum Opus!


  2. You crack me up…”Scam artists!” You are lucky all they did to you was throw you out!
    Be careful!!!

  3. I recognize some of those pigeons, they’re from the Western stop on the Brownline in Chicago. You guys are very good writers. You should be doing your own travel video. Try going on one of those rides with the kind and well spoken people. It sounds like fun.

  4. It’s a good thing I’m not out there traveling, I would be taken hook line and sinker. And my husband who does not do well when immersed in another culture would be taken by every scam. Glad you aren’t as gullible as I!

  5. Hey Guys! Great posts. Please try to stay away from the bar fights.

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