Vince’s Thoughts Part I

Well so far so good here in Thailand! While it is not all beauty and fun, I would not trade it for anything else……especially a full time cubicle job in the States. We have done so much in the first two weeks it boggles my mind. We just completed our first lesson of teaching English and it was to a class of 10 Monks with various levels of English comprehension. It was a ton of fun and nerve racking all at the same time. The enjoyment of seeing someone learn and then recite words and phrases you have just taught them is unimaginable. This teaching thing might be real good. Of course I will have to update on that after we see what the High school students will be like when we are teaching up in Lampang, Thailand. We still have not heard word about if we will be teaching strictly English or if there might be other courses such as math, history or even business language.


Now let me address the heat here in Thailand. Upon arrival at near midnight at the Bangkok airport I began sweating to death……2 weeks later and I am happy to report the sweating has not slowed down. My body has started to acclimate to the temperature some which has been a relief as I have slowed from 4 showers to 3 showers a day. The Thai’s all use a form of baby powder to help ease the stickiness on their face and body….you know that I had that on the second day. It helps some but at points in the day the heat and humidity creep their way past the layer of protection.


Currently we are staying in a condo chain just outside of Ban Phe. One might think, “Ohh how lovely a condo chain”. Well if this condo chain were in the States I dare say it might be condemned. However, it does have a couple of nice features in that we are located across the street from the ocean and there is a nice pool on the property. And the most key features are the air conditioning and flushing toilet – unlike the bathroom at our favorite restaurant. Our favorite Restaurant\'s bathroom


The Thai’s have an interesting toilet system out here in that it amounts to a fancy hole in the ground with a water spray gun in place of toilet paper and a bucket of water in place of a flushing system. So, if one is in need they must find themselves a fancy restaurant or a hotel, as everything else is the hole in the ground. Luckily we have managed to find all the right places so far. Cross our fingers we can maintain.


To date our day consists of getting up at 6 am and going for either a run on the beach or in the water and then heading into the ocean for a swim. Then the school day starts around 9 and goes to about 5. At which point we usually head to the pool to cool off from sweating all day. Then we either hit up one of the beachfront restaurants or one of the many street carts selling food. Wash that all down with a Chang beer and head back to the room to complete some homework. Busy and very satisfying days.  Also, a few nights a week we head into town to pick up food and go shopping for various knock off items they are selling all over Thailand.


Well life is grand thus far in Thailand and with their theory of “Land of Smiles” you could not ask for much more.  Wait…..maybe for them to be on time for once…..but if that started happening then we wouldn’t have anything to complain about.


Until we update again!


~ by The Piersas on May 14, 2008.

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  1. I just thought of a new coffee table book…

    Toilets Around The World

    You’ll be famous.

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