Ah yes, Bangkok.  We finally made it out this past week. We were sent there for a 4-day cultural orientation and training.  The days were long, spanning from 8:30am to 7:00 pm, but interesting. We learned about Thai dances, foods, language, and students among other things.  We didn’t have any time to visit any of the daytime tourist spots.  The nights, however, were great and filled with a variety of night markets. 


The first night we went to the Victory Monument Market with two friends, Sara and Margie.  We thought the market would have a little of everything.  Instead, this market was pretty much all girl-clothes, and the temperature in Bangkok was still humid and hotter than hell.  Poor Vince. He walked behind the 3 of us gals perusing the skirts all night, not talking and sweating profusely. Sorry you didn’t have a good time, Vince.


The second night was much better.  We went to the Nana station market.  This was much more of a worldly diverse market.  The market circled an area of town named Little Arabia.  It was so amazing.  The streets were filled with Saudi Arabian men dressed in full white garb smelling of perfumed oils, and groups of women dressed in full black garb heads and faces covered with burqas.  The burqas were of all different varieties of exposure.  One even looked like it was merely holes cut through a sheet like someone might do if they were dressing up as a ghost on Halloween. Another woman had a golden piece across her face instead of a black cloth. This piece looked like something that could’ve been worn by a knight.  Vince and I both agreed that this place was the most foreign we’ve ever been.  We went out to a Lebanese restaurant for kebabs, salad, and … (cough under the breath) French fries. I had a moment of weakness.  My body was craving foods beyond rice, noodles, and soup. While eating, a gi-normous winged cockroach started slowly making it’s way down the wall to our table.   Once it started stretching its little arms and legs over to get onto our table we were speechless. Once it made it onto our tabletop we screamed.  The server came over and with a small napkin and only one hand swooped the beast away.  Afterwards we calmed ourselves with a strawberry flavored hookah.  Delicious.  While making our way to back to the Skytrain station we almost ran into an elephant.  It had CD’s tied to its tail to reflect in the lights and catch our eyes. We’ve seen elephants through town or on the beach a couple times. Unfortunately, it’s just for tourists.  The owners want money in exchange for photos with the elephant.  It’s really a very sad existence for the elephant. I hope the elephants we encounter up North and away from tourist areas are treated better.  Elephant in


The story goes on..  on the Skytrain back to the hotel we overheard a French man trying to get a younger Thai boy, maybe 18, to prostitute himself.  He whispered words about how you have to keep secrets… that boys like him do not come by often… and that he could make a lot of money. I kept expecting the boy to tell him to back off as would happen in the States. Not here.  Thai people are very passive. They do not like to say no at risk of someone losing face.  The boy looked a bit hesitant but he listened to the French man.  He answered the man’s questions, even ignoring his own cell phone when it rang.  The boy said something about already giving him money so I think these two may have done some ‘business’ together in the past.  It was so uncomfortable.  In retrospect I wish I would’ve turned around and said something, though what I could have said I do not know.  Filthy Farang.


Our final night we went to Khao San Road market. This is where backpackers from around the world congregate.  It looked very similar to what you might find at a Phish concert.  There were beverages, stir-fry, dreads, iron-on band t-shirts, live music.  Tezzy- you would’ve loved it. J  We took a tuk-tuk home at the end of the night. 


Vince and I are going to stop in Bangkok for another night next week on our way out to Lampang. There are a few things we didn’t get to see on our trip: 1 being the Wats, and 2 being the ping-pong show.  If you don’t know what the latter is don’t even ask. 

I’m not going to be the one to enlighten you. 


~ by The Piersas on May 10, 2008.

5 Responses to “Bangkok”

  1. Renee,

    You missed your calling. You should take up writing. Your
    descriptions of your experiences are delightful and disturbing
    all at the same time. I finally figured out how to respond
    to your blogs. I am not very quick on the uptake when it comes
    to computers. Keep the comments flowing. I look forward to
    reading more.



  2. You paint an amazing picture! I love reading about your adventures… Have fun, be safe, and for god’s sake keep your husband cool; make sure he drinks 8 glasses of water a day! 🙂 MISS YOU

  3. Nene what exactly does an elephant with CDs tied to his poor tail look like? Miss you! Melbs

  4. Hello Mr. and Mrs. Piersas! This is very cool. Need more pix! Can’t wait until you eat char-broiled bats.

  5. HEYYY!!
    It sounds like you two are having a great time over there! I’m jealous =). jk. I love your descriptions…very vivid. I’m glad you both are enjoying it and as I’ve always said having an experience of a lifetime. I was LOL at your first massage entry…I can imagine..that’s how I usually am here when I get massages and thye supposedly need to “get the knots out”. Thanks for keeping us updated and looking forward to more! Miss you!!

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