Our First Thai Massage

Vince and I finally got our first Thai massage yesterday.  An hour and half for only 240 baht- just under $8.  Massage may not be quite the right word as it conjures up the idea of something relaxing. This was more like… well…  a pounding.  We left our shoes outside the storefront that left much to be desired following a sign that promised a full body massage. We were led to the back where we were to put on clothes for the massage, Thai pants (the kind that are 5 sizes too big and use a string to keep in place) and a loose fitting shirt similar to medical scrubs.  We were then directed to go to the next room, lie down and relax.  Relax?  The place looked like a dungeon.  There were 3 thin mattresses laid out on the floor.  The walls were cement gray and there was just a little basement window near the ceiling- even though we were on the street level.  Two tiny little Thai women came into the room.  They spoke nearly no English.  “First time?” they asked, giggled (more like cackled), and then began.  First they wash your feet- quite a gross feat considering all the sweaty clients that frequent.  They work their way up your entire body using hands, elbows, and feet –whatever is necessary to make your body twist and contort until they hear something (fingers, toes, hips, back…) pop.  Several times I was close to yelling out Farang! Farang! so they would remember that I wasn’t Thai and therefore not used to this kind of torture.  Instead I bit my lip and took it for team USA- we ain’t no babies!  The last few minutes were spent massaging the neck, head, and back. Finally, a peaceful wind down to make you forget about the previous hour of persecution.

By the time the massage is done you either feel like you’ve had the time of your life or like you’ve just been beat up by a couple of girls.  Pick your poison. Either way, all I can say is at the end of the session Vince left with a smile on his face and was standing up a little straighter.  I on the other hand left with a limp….  Needless to say, Vince plans on heading back tomorrow.


~ by The Piersas on May 3, 2008.

One Response to “Our First Thai Massage”

  1. I am Jealous and totally Happy for you both to have this experience.
    Love, Dad – Gene

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